What in the world is basement waterproofing? It turns out you start to learn a lot about this practice when you realize you need it.

There is an incredible volume of free information out there on the multitude of ways to remedy basement problems, but which contractor should you hire? Waterproofing basement walls and floors is a complex and expensive job, and you should select your professional carefully. Below are five ways to know you’re hiring the best waterproofing contractor in singapore, whether it’s an interior or exterior basement waterproofing solution.

1. Credentials and reviews

First, when hiring any home improvement contractor, you should make sure they can provide you substantiation that they are currently and properly bonded, insured and licensed in your state.

Further, it helps to do the same with building association memberships, as contractors are often held to a set of standards within those memberships. Finally, read Angie’s List reviews on the provider to aid in your own decision on whether that contractor is the best for you.

2. Structure lifetime transferable warranty

That’s what you want to see in the contract. This is extremely important because it will ensure that the contractor you hire will be held to task if the work needs any kind of attention down the road.

Also, be sure the sump pumps are guaranteed for life and are no charge except for installation, if you don’t feel comfortable installing one yourself. Moreover, be careful with contracts that seem wordy. Contacts should be short and to the point.